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Jason A. Grove, CISR - Last Mile Producer/Program Manager

Jason was introduced to the Last Mile Delivery industry in 2010.  He was fresh out of college, new to the insurance industry, and hungry to write business.  He ran into a friend from the past who had recently purchased a single FedEx Ground route.  That friend offered to let Jason review the insurance program he was provided by FedEx.  After lots of researching and marketing, Jason was able to put together a quote that offered better coverage for half the price.  Word spread organically and over time, Jason became one of the premier agents for FedEx Ground ISPs in his home state.  As the industry rapidly grew, so did his client base and his regional footprint.  Now Jason and the Last Mile Team have insurance solutions for all types of Last Mile companies across the Southwest.  Jason has knowledge and expertise to help your delivery business succeed.

Email: jgrove@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577 ext. 2

John Powell - Last Mile Delivery Insurance Specialist

From client to agent, John Powell is a very important addition to Grove & Davis.  In 2010, John Powell was the Last Mile Delivery client that started it all.  It was clear that an intricate working knowledge of the industry was key to being successful and that it was lacking among most insurance agents.  Grove & Davis got John Powell educated and licensed as a commercial insurance agent to fill this void.  John Powell keeps Grove & Davis informed of the ever-changing delivery environment, because he continues to operate two large delivery businesses.  He is uniquely qualified to help all delivery businesses strategize about insurance solutions.  That adds priceless value as this insurance marketplace becomes increasingly difficult to navigate

Email: jpowell@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577

Schuyler Moore - Last Mile Group Benefits Specialist

Schuyler Moore was hired to fill a special role at Grove & Davis Last Mile- Group Benefits Specialist.   Quality drivers are hard to come by and even harder to retain.  That is why a competitive benefits package is becoming increasingly important in this industry.  Most Last Mile businesses are new to benefits and this is where Schuyler shines.  He is well versed in helping businesses just like yours formulate benefits that are comprehensive yet affordable.  He will do the heavy lifting so you can remain focused on your day to day operations

Email: smoore@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577 ext. 5

Monica Rios, ACSR, CISR - Last Mile Account Manager

Insurance is an important aspect of Last Mile Delivery, but it should not be something that creates a hassle for you day in and day out.  Monica Rios is here to ease the insurance hassle as the Last Mile Account Manager.  Monica has 20 years of experience in the insurance industry with 3 years specifically dedicated to managing Last Mile clientele.  She understands your insurance requirements, whether they are to satisfy a contract or rental agreement.  She has seen and serviced most all of them.  She will quickly process changes, add/delete vehicles, or answer your insurance related questions.  

Email: mrios@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577 ext. 1

Larry D. Grove, CIC - President- Last Mile Insurance Company Relations

Larry has been in the insurance industry for over 37 years.  In that time, he has fostered many long-standing relationships with insurance companies.  Grove & Davis Last Mile leverages these relationships to maintain the best companies for our last mile clientele.  That means helping our current companies better understand the risk at hand, strategize about loss control, and tweak product availability.  It also means always searching for other companies that may be interested in the last mile industry, in doing so our clients can have a back-up if their current company raises rates or gets out of The Last Mile industry.

Email: lgrove@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577 ext. 3

Monette Davis, CISR, ACSR - Vice-President-Territory Manager

Many of our clients’ operations span multiple states, so Grove & Davis Last Mile must keep our regional footprint relevant.  Monette Davis coordinates the different licensing requirements to operate in the states important to our clients. She also maintains the agency appointments with the various insurance companies that operate in different regions.  As we expand, this is an essential task that takes an increasing amount of effort.  That effort is afforded so we can serve our clients needs where possible.

Email: mdavis@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577 ext. 4

Judith Velasquez, TIIA - Personal Lines Account Manager

Your insurance needs or your employees needs do not stop at your delivery business and neither do our solutions.  We are a full service agency specifically equipped to take care of your insurance needs right down to your personal assets.  Judith Velasquez manages our Personal Lines division.  Let her review your current personal lines policies: homeowners, personal auto, farm and ranch, Boat, RV, and/or trailer policies.  We have companies that can write it all and Judith will take the time to find the best solutions for you.  

Email: judith@grovedavisins.com

Phone: (361) 851-0577 ext. 0