Last Mile Delivery Products.

Navigating the complexities of insurance, so you don’t have to.

Last Mile Delivery Primary Auto Liability Program.

Primary Auto coverage is VERY difficult to place.  The insurance marketplace has seen many companies exclude or restrict their appetite for Last Mile Delivery.  GDLM has access to specialized markets for your primary auto insurance needs.  It is also very important to allow an agent to review your account in more detail.  There are options that many agencies will overlook and not spend enough time evaluating your business and fleet.  Click the link below to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.

FedEx Ground and Custom Critical Non-Trucking Liability and Physical Damage.

At GDLM, we have a dedicated Non-Trucking Liability and Physical Damage insurance program for FedEx Ground and Custom Critical Independent Service Providers.  The program is competitive with Marsh/Protective, but our program gives you more control over your coverage and premium.  Click the link below to see the documentation required to get a quote and schedule a meeting with an agent to review your options.

Dedicated Workers Compensation Programs.

GDLM built its book of Last Mile business starting with Workers Compensation over 10 years ago.  In the last few years, this segment has become crowded with agencies and companies claiming to save you money.  If you are simply getting your quotes online or without speaking to us,  you are not getting the best coverage/rate possible.  Workers Compensation is much more intricate than advertised.  There are some many things that cannot be addressed by a questionnaire alone.  To receive a professionally done Workers Compensation quote follow the link below to complete a questionnaire and schedule an agent review.

Last Mile Specific Employee Benefits.

This is the fastest growing segment of business for our agency right now.  Quality drivers are hard to find in a time when business is booming.  Having a competitive suite of Employee Benefits will help you hire and retain the best staff possible.  95% of our LMD clients are new to employee benefits and are often overwhelmed with the pricing and complexity.  That is why it is imperative to partner with an agency that knows how to get competitive yet affordable benefits in place for your employees.   We can custom tailor benefits for your company- Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life insurance as well as Voluntary Worksite Benefits.  Click the link below to download a census and schedule a meeting with our Benefits Specialist.

Employment Related Practices Liability.

A large exposure that often goes unaddressed is Employment Practices Liability.  This is an exposure you face everyday hiring and firing, providing safe workplace environments, correctly classifying, and paying employees and much more. This has become a hotspot for lawsuits in the Last Mile Delivery sector.  If you do not have EPL Insurance, your business is dramatically exposed.  Some of the bigger agencies are offering EPL insurance, but their program lacks some very important coverages and the pricing is not competitive.    Contact us to get the best EPL coverage available for a VERY affordable price.  Click the link below to schedule a meeting to start the quote process.

Specialized Cargo Insurance Programs.

We have a specialized Cargo Insurance program built with the Last Mile Delivery business in mind.  Cargo insurance in last mile can be an expensive coverage.  However, over time we realized that cargo losses are rather rare for the LMD business.  We figured that this good performance deserved better rates, so we approached a company to secure the appropriate pricing.  Click the link below schedule a meeting and take advantage of our exclusive Cargo Insurance program.

Full Service Insurance Agency.

At GDLM, we are a full-service agency.  If your company or you personally have any insurance questions, please contact us.  We have a separate commercial agency division to handle insurance for a myriad of different industries outside of LMD.  We also have a dedicated personal lines division to protect your family and personal assets. We are experts in Last Mile, but our expertise does not end there. Contact us for all your insurance needs.